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Upload Files To Share

Upload files to your Newrow Smart virtual classroom then share them with your session participants.

Upload Files To Your Virtual Classroom

You can upload files by clicking the Add File button or by simply dragging & dropping a file from your desktop to the folder.

Click Add File

  1. Click the Add File button to launch your local file browser
  2. Select the file/s you want to upload
  3. Click the confirmation button (Ok/Open/etc...)

The files are uploaded directly to the current folder you are in.

Utilize shift+click or command+click to select multiple files to upload at one time.



Drag-and-drop files directly from your desktop to upload files. 

  1. Click and drag file from your desktop
  2. Drop the file in the dashed line box to upload it to the current folder

To upload a file to a specific folder, drag the file to the folder.

When the folder is highlighted in blue drop the file. You are redirected to the folder and the file is uploaded there.