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Record Your Live Session

With Newrow Smart cloud recording, you can record and archive your live sessions. Each session recording is a standard 720P MP4 video file.

Newrow Cloud Recording

Newrow Cloud Recording is a premium feature available with any Newrow Smart plan.

With Newrow Cloud Recording, you can record and archive your live sessions. Completed recordings are automatically added to your Newrow Cloud Storage in a folder called Recordings.

Newrow session recordings are standard MP4 video files with a publish resolution of 720P. You can share your recordings in the on-demand course for on-demand viewing or download your recordings and publish them elsewhere.

Start Recording

The recording option can be accessed by instructors or moderators.

  1. Click Tools
  2. Select the Recording option
  3. Choose your preferred recording duration
  4. Click Start

Recording may take 1-3 minutes to initialize depending. You will see an indication that recording is initializing and all participants are notified when recording starts.

Recording automatically stops when the set duration expires. However, 2 minutes before your recording expires you will be asked if you would like to extend your recording time by 30 minutes.


Stop Recording

Recording automatically stops when the set duration expires. You can choose to stop recording before the set duration expires.

  1. Click the recording indication in the upper bar or click Recording in Tools
  2. From the confirmation pop-up, click the Stop Recording button

Recording is stopped and you will be notified when your completed recording file is available for viewing.

Find Your Recording File

When recording stops, your recording file is processed and automatically added to Files in a system folder called Recordings.

Each recording file is named by default with the following convention Rec - DATE AND TIMESTAMP - NAME OF COURSE.

  1. Click Files
  2. Select the folder Recordings

Download Your Recording

  1. Click Files
  2. Click the folder called Recordings
  3. Select the recording file you want to download
  4. Click the Download icon that appears next to the search bar