Newrow Knowledge Base

Draw On Your Newrow Digital Whiteboard

Collaborate with your participants in real time on the Newrow Smart Digital Whiteboard.

The Newrow Smart Digital Whiteboard is a perfect tool for brainstorming, STEM courses and language learning.

Display Your Digital Whiteboard

  1. Click Tools
  2. Select Whiteboard

Whiteboard Tools


Cursor - Use the cursor tool to select drawn objects and move them around

Laser Arrow - Use the laser arrow to enable your participants to track your cursor as it moves along the whiteboard.

 To Free Draw

  1. Select the Pencil icon 
  2. Click & drag your cursor to draw

Tip: Use a touch screen device or USB trackpad to more accurately write equations, music, and more.

To Type

  1. Select the Text icon.
  2. Choose formatting option
  3. Click the whiteboard where you want your text box to be.
  4. Drag corners to set the width of the text box
  5. Enter in your text
  6. Click outside of the text box to deselect it in order to post it

To Draw Shapes

  1. Select the Square icon
  2. Select the shape you want to draw: Square, Line, Circle, Triangle, Polygon
  3. Click & drag your cursor to draw the shape

Polygon - The idea is to draw a full shape. After selecting the tool you can click on the whiteboard to set endpoints of the line you are drawing. The last point should be the same as the first point to complete the shape.

Tirangle - Similar to the polygon shape, you click on the whiteboard to set endpoints for the line you are drawing. After clicking 3 points, the triangle is automatically completed for you.

To Erase Drawn Objects

  1. Select the Eraser icon
  2. Click & drag the eraser over whiteboard marks you want to erase

To Clear Your Whiteboard

  1. Click the Clear All icon
  2. Click Ok to in the Confirm Delete pop-up

Create additional whiteboard pages

Your whiteboard drawings are automatically saved and remain from session to session - unless you delete them.

You can add additional whiteboard pages by clicking the right arrow on the bottom of your whiteboard.


Each whiteboard can support up to 50 pages.

To go a previous whiteboard page, click the left arrow.

Dismiss whiteboard

To dismiss the whiteboard, click the x in the top right of the stage or select another app/file to display.

Dismissing the whiteboard does not clear it. The whiteboard marks are saved in the room until erased.