Newrow Knowledge Base

Send Chat Messages In Your Live Session

Newrow Smart chat is a public chat tool to message all session participants.

Display Chat

Chat is displayed by default when first entering a room.

If chat was dismissed then you can display it by clicking Chat in the room upper bar.

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Send Chat Messages

  1. Select the text entry field at the bottom of chat (where the placeholder text type here... is displayed)
  2. Type in your message
  3. Hit the enter or return key on your keyboard

Tip: Hold the shiftenter/return keys to break line in your message

Increase/Decrease Font Size

You can control the size of the text in sent and received messages.

Click A+ to increase the size of the font in the chat bubbles.

Click A- to decrease the size of the font in the chat bubbles.

Clear Chat History

Chat is accessible to every participant in the room.

When first entering the room, participants see up to the last 20 messages in the chat.

Moderators can clear chat history - this does not delete records from analytics, but only clears messages from being displayed in the room.

  1. As moderator, click the Clear All button 
  2. In the confirmation pop-up, click Yes

Hide Chat

To hide chat from view, click x in the top right of the chat upper bar or click Chat in the upper bar again.