+ join a class from your mobile device

You can join a class from your Android or iOS mobile device with the newrow_ mobile app. 

Note: It's also possible to access your class in newrow_ by using a flash supported browser on your mobile device, like Puffin Web Browser

From your mobile device, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your institution's online portal
2. Select the tab that opens your online class
3. Select the Tap to join the room button

Note: If you already have the newrow_ app installed, you will be redirected to your class in the newrow_ app.

If you haven't yet downloaded the newrow_app, continue to follow these steps:

4. Select OK to close the Cannot Open Page notification

Note: Some Android devices automatically redirect to Google Play instead of displaying this notification.

5. Select the Download from AppStore/Google Play button to be redirected to the app page from your device's store

6. Download the app from your store

7. After the app is done downloading, complete steps 1-3 above to enter your online class

To view the features on the newrow_ mobile app, please click here.

This app is currently in beta.


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