PROFESSOR FLOW (Configuration Screen)                                 

The professor is the only user that will be shown the configuration screen and will only be shown this one time.


_Access Code:

-     This will force students to use an access code in order to gain access to the class


_Enable Paywall:

-     This will force the student to pay for access using a credit or debit card.


_Use License:

-     This is to allow students to enter using the standard license.


STUDENT FLOW (Access Code)              

The student will see the access code screen below until they redeem an access code to gain access to the course.


-     If the access code is valued at less than the price of the course, then the student will be sent to a paywall screen below.

-     The flow from there is the same as the paywall flow.


STUDENT FLOW (Paywall)                     

This is for students to instantly purchase access to a course with their credit or debit card.


-     Once paid, the student will be sent into the course.

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