Share Audio Files: Add an Audio Layer

If you would like to share audio files, such as a piece of music or a voice recording, with your students, you can do so by creating an audio "layer."

First, open the Control Room from the Tools button (Wrench icon) on the toolbar at the top of the stage:


In the Control Room, navigate to the Audio tab:


Click "Add Audio Feed" on the top right of the Audio tab. You will see a widget appear in the Control Room.

Click "Add" in the center of the widget to upload mp3 audio files from your computer. You can add multiple files to this single audio feed, thereby creating a playlist. To create a second playlist, click "Add Audio Feed" again to generate another feed. 

Click "Hide" on the top right of the Control Room to close the Control Room. Your playlists will be saved.

When you are ready to share your audio with your class or audience in real time, simply open the Control Room and navigate to the Audio tab again. Then:

1. Click "On Air" on your playlist widget,


2. Click on the file that you would like to play first from the playlist,


3. Click the "Play" button in the widget.

It will look like this (the triangular "play" button is circled in red in this picture):




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