Publishing RTMP video stream to newrow_

+ Publish RTMP video stream

Begin by accessing your meeting room information from the Settings tab (gear icon) on your meeting room tool bar:

"Meeting Info" provides your meeting room ID, direct URL and information for live stream publishing.

Copy and Paste the Primary URL and Stream Name for "@LIVEVIDEO_1" into your encoding software’s destination panel. Select “Start Streaming” on your encoding software.

NOTE: Every encoding software is different. Make sure you check your user manual to find out where to enter this destination information.

Once your encoder is streaming, go back to the meeting room. Click on the magnifying glass at the top right of the Participants List to reveal a search box. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of search box to see a list of filters:

Choose Auxiliary Feeds:


Add Live Video 1 to the stage or control room to see and hear your encoded stream.

Note that you can add a 2nd and 3rd RTMP stream, if supported by your encoder and equipment, by copying the Publish URL and Stream Name for @LIVEVIDEO_2 and @LIVEVIDEO_3 from meeting settings. These streams will correspond to Live Video 2 and Live Video 3 auxiliary feeds on the Participants List.

*You can find more information on managing participants here.

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