Navigating newrow_ Learn Sessions & Study Rooms for Students

+ Navigating newrow_ Learn Sessions & Study Rooms


_Breakout Sessions & Study

Your instructor might send you to virtual breakout sessions to do small group work during class. If so, when the instructor selects “Breakout,” you will automatically be moved to a new virtual room (a “Session”) where all participants have the same permissions to appear on webcam and share files.


+Webcams in Sessions

Once the breakout session loads, you’ll be prompted to reactivate your webcam. Once activated, you’ll immediately appear on stage where everyone else in your group can see and hear you. When the breakout session has timed out or the instructor brings you back to class, the classroom will load and you will again have to reactivate your webcam.


+Sharing Files in Sessions

You can upload files to share with your group from the document icon on the Toolbar at the top left of the Session stage.


After uploading a file, a single click on the file icon will bring it up to stage where everyone in your session can see/watch the file. Your uploaded files become your own personal file library and will remain available to you every time you log into Sessions or Study groups. You can delete uploaded files by hovering over them in the list, clicking the ‘X’ top right and clicking “Delete.”

You can also search YouTube, Flickr or Photobucket for files to share by clicking on the globe icon on the Toolbar.


You’ll see a list of search results after entering your search term, and again a single click on any result will pull that video or image up to stage for everyone to see.

*Note that all participant microphones are automatically muted when playing a video on stage.

You can also choose to share your screen or pull up a blank virtual whiteboard, where all students in the Session can make live edits together, by selecting screen share or whiteboard from the wrench icon.


*Note that screen share requires a one-time install on your machine.

+Chatting in Sessions

In Sessions, you can access the expandable/collapsible chat from a toolbar that “floats” on the stage.


Simply click “Chat” to expand your own individual view of the chat stream. Then click “Hide” to hide the chat again.

You can reposition this floating toolbar on the stage by clicking the cross icon on the right of the toolbar and dragging it.

 + Study

You can also choose to enter an open study room with your classmates at any time. Simply select “Study” from the menu at the top of a newrow_ page and then choose which virtual room to enter.

These virtual study rooms look and function exactly like Sessions. They’re a great way to accomplish small group assignments or collaborate on homework in between classes.


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