Overview: Managing newrow_ Learn Sessions & Study Rooms

+ Managing newrow_ Learn Sessions & Study Rooms


_Breakout Sessions & Study

You can send students to virtual breakout rooms for small group discussions during class, and they can use virtual study rooms to collaborate outside of class.

+ Sessions

Breakout Sessions are persistent collaborative rooms similar to the live class that provide a space for students to meet in work groups during or outside of class.

In breakout sessions, students can collaborate around files shared by the instructor as well as upload their own files. Students can record their breakout sessions, share their screens and work on a collaborative whiteboard. Instructors can share files uploaded in breakout sessions with the class.

Instructors can utilize breakout sessions to divide the live class into smaller work groups to handle in-class tasks. 



To pre-assign students to breakout sessions, instructors click on "Sessions" in the course upper bar.

Instructors see a list of students currently unassigned to sessions, on the left, as well as a scrollable list of available breakout sessions (up to 10).

Assign students to breakout sessions using automatic assignment or by dragging and dropping student names to specific groups.

_Auto Assign

To automatically divide the class into work groups, click the auto assign option to "On". When auto assign is on, all students in the course are automatically distributed into breakout sessions. 

_Manually Assign

To manually assign students to breakout sessions, turn off the auto assign option at the top left.

Click on a student in the list on the left, or use CTRL click (⌘ click Mac) or shift click to select multiple students. Drag the selected students to their breakout session.

When the session column turns turquoise drop the selected student/s to assign them to that breakout session.

When students are assigned to breakout sessions then they will be automatically forwarded there when the class is set to breakout mode and they will have access to that room outside of class.

When students are in their breakout rooms, you can send them messages and join any of the groups from the Sessions page.


NOTE: Students can navigate to “Sessions” at any time to access their assigned groups, even if the instructor doesn’t push them to breakouts.



To send students to breakout sessions during class, select “Breakout” from the Tools tab.

You will be prompted to set the duration for the breakout session and to choose from 3 options for organizing the students into groups:

  1. Automatic – randomly assigns students to groups
  2. Open – allows students to choose which breakout room to enter
  3. Assigned – sends students to groups you’ve pre-selected from the “Sessions” page

NOTE: If Assigned option is selected, then students not assigned to specific breakout sessions will be exited from class and see a message on their screen that they have not yet been assigned.

To enable a time limit, make sure the checkbox next to "Set Time Limit" is checked.

Enter a time limit of 5-120 minutes. If a time limit is set, then after time expires students are automatically redirected to the class.

Whether a time limit is set or not, breakout can be stopped at anytime.

Once you click “Breakout,” students will automatically be moved to their virtual breakout rooms and will see a countdown on their screens for the duration of the time you selected. When the time runs out, they will be automatically pushed back to the main classroom.

A banner displays at the top of the instructor's screen to show them that the class is currently in breakout mode. To end breakout sessions at any time, click "End Sessions" next to the banner.

*You can find more information on Sessions here and for a list of Sessions keyboard shortcuts visit here.

 + Study

Students can navigate to the “Study” tab from the top menu to access open, unassigned virtual rooms. This allows them to form their own study groups in between classes and meet virtually to discuss assignments, work on group projects, etc. 

The virtual study rooms are identical to the Sessions rooms. Study is distinguished by the lack of specific group assignment and lack of professor-to-student communication while students are in a study room.

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