Managing newrow_ Learn Students

+ Managing newrow_ Learn Students

 _Participants List

As students sign into the classroom, their names will appear on the Participants List on the right-hand side of the room. It’s up to each individual student to activate his or her webcam. Once a student has activated their webcam, the “Live” and “CR” buttons under their name will become clickable for the instructor.

No participant, instructor or student, is seen and heard by others in the room until an instructor or moderator clicks “Live” under their name to put them “on stage” or “on air.” 

If you’d like to preview someone’s webcams to make sure you can see and hear them before they go live: click “CR” under their name, open the Control Room from the Tools menu and select the “Video” tab.

You can assign any individual student custom or full moderator permissions at any time by clicking the “V” to the right of their name. Selecting “moderator” will give that student all instructor permissions within the classroom. (Note that they still won’t have access to instructor-only portals outside the classroom such as Analytics and quick polls.) Selecting “Custom” allows you to assign specific permissions to that user like the ability to screen share or share or manage the chat.


Whenever someone clicks the raise-hand button in the chat, their name will go to the top of the Participants List and you’ll see the raise-hand icon next to their name. You can click that icon to put their hand down once you’ve answered their question.


+ Search for Participants

Use search and search filters to find your participants in the participant list.

Click  to reveal the search field


Type the name of your participant to filter the list below.

Click  in the search field to display a list of filter options


  • Webcam/Microphone:Displays all participants in your event that have activated either their webcam or microphone.
  • Audio Bridge:Lists all audio bridge participants.
  • Auxiliary Feed: - Displays 3 live feeds that are available to you. Live Feeds are used to add published streams to your event.
  • LIVE: - Filtered list of all participants currently on stage.
  • Control Room: - Filtered list of all participants in the control room.


Click  to clear the search filters and close search.


+ Control Webcams in Participant List

After a participant has activated their webcam/microphone, moderators are able to place the participant on the stage, in the control room and control their input devices using the participant list controls .

  •  participant is not on the stage.
  • participant is broadcasting on the stage.
  •  participant is not in the control room.
  •  participant is in the control room.
  •  participant is  with their webcam streaming.
  •  participant is  with their microphone streaming audio.
  •  participant is  with their microphone streaming audio.

 Click  to place a webcam participant on the stage and click  to take them off air. 

To place a webcam participant in the control room, click  and click  to remove them from the control room.

When a webcam participant is  or in  you can control their webcam/microphone. Click  to disable their webcam. When a webcam is disabled  , their avatar shows in place of their live stream. They are still sharing audio. To mute a webcam participant's microphone click  and un-mute their microphone by clicking  . You can control their microphone volume by clicking & dragging  the volume indicator to the right to increase their volume or to the left to decrease their volume. 

You can also drag & drop a webcam participant's avatar to the stage to set them as  or into the control room to set them as .


+ Set Permissions from the Participant List


Moderators can set individual permissions per user in the participant list. To set global permissions see Meeting Settings > General Settings.

To change an individual participant's permissions, select  corresponding with the

participant  . 


By default, all participants have . Default refers to the global permissions set in Meeting Settings. 

To set the participant as a full moderator, select . A full moderator is able to do everything that the owner of the event can do. 

Set custom permissions by selecting . From custom permissions, you can choose from 9 custom options. 


  • Chat moderator:A chat moderator has access to flagged chat  and questions . They can delete posted chat, flag favorite chat comments and when moderated chat is enabled they are responsible for approving or deleting chat messages.
  • Webcam moderator: A webcam moderator sees the participant list and is able work with participants' webcam controls. They can set participants as live, in the control room as well as access the control room.
  • Start/Stop recording:A participant that can start/stop recording is responsible for initiating recording.
  • Chat participant:By default all participants are chat participants. Uncheck this permission to block a participant from entering chat messages.
  • Screen share: Participant share their screen with the newrow_ screen share app.
  • Play content:Participant can play/pause videos and navigate presentations.
  • Share content: Participant can add content to the playlist from their newrow_ cloud (Files tab) or from the Web tab. 
  • Annotate files:When presentations, PDF's or other documents are added to the stage, the participant can initiate the annotations layer and annotate the files.
  • Whiteboard:Participant can draw on whiteboard.

To hide permissions, click .


+ Clear Raised Hands

When a participant raises their hand, they jump to the top of the participant list. Moderators can dismiss the raised hand state of individual participants or clear all raised hands. 

To put down participants' raised hands click  ,                                                                

You can clear all raised hands by hovering your cursor over  and selecting .


+ Ban Participants from the Room

To kick a participant out of your event and to prevent them from joining in the future hover your cursor over their avatar and click                                                                     then click  to confirm. 

Banning a participant cannot be undone, so make sure you are certain you want to ban the participant as this is a permanent action.


*You can find more information on managing participants here.



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