newrow_ Learn Classroom Anatomy

_newrow_ Anatomy


When you enter your virtual newrow_ classroom, these are the sections you will see on the screen.



The square or rectangular section of the classroom where you see a newrow_ background (or your own custom-branded background, if purchased) is called the “stage.” Like a physical stage, this is the synchronous presentation space, where all webcams and content appear when the instructor puts them live or “on air.”


To the right of the stage is the Chat portal and Participants List. By default, the Participants List is only visible to instructors. That can be changed in the classroom settings.


Along the top left of the stage is a toolbar that allows the instructor to upload & search content, access tools like screen share and whiteboard, and change classroom settings. This toolbar is only available to the instructor, with the exception of the webcam button on the far left. All participants have access to their own webcam and microphone controls.


On the bottom left of the stage is the Playlist. This allows the instructor to arrange and keep track of files they plan to share during their next class.


At the top left above the classroom interface itself is a menu of additional spaces outside the virtual classroom. This includes a file sharing space, breakout Sessions, Study rooms and an Analytics portal.


For more information on managing your newrow_Learn classroom, please review the newrow_ Instructor Guide.

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