Creating a newrow_ Live meeting room

Once you have logged into the newrow_ interface, you will land in your Meeting Room Directory where you will see at least one rectangle with “+ Create Room”. Simply click on the rectangle to create the meeting room.


You will see a pop-up where you can begin to customize your room by giving it a name and uploading an image associated with your brand or meeting topic. (This image will only show to you, the host, in your meeting room directory when you sign into your account.)


You can also set login restrictions for your participants by electing to force login via social media credentials, or as a Guest by entering a name and an email address. You may also limit access to your room to invited guests only by creating a unique password and making the room password-protected.

Right click and select "copy" on the room url to send the link to participants so they can join your room.

Once the login restrictions and branding have been set, you can click “Save” to add the new meeting room to your Directory.

If you need to edit the name of the meeting room, change the image, or reset the login restrictions, simply hover over the rectangle (or thumbnail image) of the room

and you will notice a pen icon  appear in the bottom right corner. An Edit pop-up box will prompt you to make any necessary changes.

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