+ breakout sessions shortcuts

Use your keyboard to navigate the Sessions tab.

Shortcut KeyDefinitionAction
CTRL + Space Focus keyboard on sessions Use this shortcut to focus keyboard shortcuts on the sessions screen. 
 shift + = Selects auto-assign switch  Use this shortcut to select auto-assign. Hit enter key to commit.
Selects unassigned search box  Keyboard text entry enabled for search field. Press esc to remove focus from field.
up/down arrow keys Navigates list of users When unassigned user list or session selected navigate users in list with arrow keys. 
enter/return  Commit selection Enter (PC) or return (Mac) commits action for selected button, object.
delete  Removes selected student from session When a student is selected in the assigned session use list, delete removes them and returns them to unassigned list.
 a Selects Session A Focus on Session A 
shift + a  Join Session A Joins Session A without confirmation.
b Selects Session B Focus on Session B.
shift + b Joins Session B Joins Session B without confirmation.
c Selects Session C Focus on Session C.
shift + c Joins Session C Joins Session C without confirmation.
d Selects Session D Focus on Session D.
shift + d Joins Session D Joins Session D without confirmation.
e Selects Session E Focus on Session E.
shift + e Joins Sessions E Joins Session E without confirmation.
f Selects Session F Focus on Session F.
shift + f Joins Session F Joins Session F without confirmation.
g Selects Session G Focus on Session G.
shift + g Joins Session G Joins Session G without confirmation.
h Selects Session H Focus on Session H.
shift + h Joins Session H Joins Session H without confirmation.
shift + . Scrolls to next page of sessions Scroll to next page of Sessions. If on last page, then does nothing.
shift + , Scrolls to previous page of sessions Scroll to previous page of Sessions. If on previous page, then does nothing.
shift + m Selects message target Hit enter (PC) or return (Mac) to navigate message target using down/up arrows and hit enter (PC) or return (Mac) to select or deselect targets.
m Selects message field Focuses on message text entry field. Enter text to write message. Hit esc to exit focus.

CTRL + enter

⌘ + enter

Send message When message target and message field have values, then function sends message to defined session targets.
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