+ divide class into breakout sessions

Breakout the class into smaller work groups then summon them back to class after their tasks are complete.

To set manual assignments before breaking out the class see + assign Breakout Sessions.

As an instructor, click .

Select the Breakout option. 

Selecting Breakout from the tool menu launches the breakout pop-up.

Choose an assignment option from the assignment drop down menu. Click  to expose the menu with options for:

  • Automatic - students are automatically distributed into groups
  • Assigned - students will be pushed to sessions they are assigned to
  • Open - students can choose what session to join

NOTE: If Assigned option is selected, then students not assigned to specific breakout sessions will remain in class.

Enable or disable a time limit. 

To enable a time limit make sure the checkbox next to "Set Time Limit" is checked.. Enter a time limit of 5-120 minutes. If a time limit is set, then after time expires students are automatically redirected to the class.

If a time limit is set or not, breakout can be stopped at anytime.

When set, click  to push the students into their breakout sessions.

In the class, a banner displays that the class is currently in breakout mode.

To end breakout sessions, either wait until the time set expires or click .



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