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Problem: no webcam picture and/or mic sound


If your webcam shows up blank in a meeting, please make sure other programs that might use the webcam are closed. For example, if you open a program like Skype and use your webcam for it, the driver for the webcam will be unavailable to our platform until you quit Skype.

The same goes if you use one browser with our platform, start your webcam and switch to another. Once your webcam has been activated in the first browser, it is tied to it and unavailable to the second browser, until you quit the first browser.

Also, you may sometimes have more than one driver for your webcam, or microphone, when you activate or open the camera settings. You may need to select a different driver if the one selected is not producing an image (or sound for microphones). 

The same rule applies for microphone drivers.

If you still have an issue, quit the browser and come back to the meeting, to give your driver a chance to load.

However, if you still have an issue, reboot your machine and come back to the meeting, to give your driver a chance to restart. 

Finally, if this did not help, please contact Support: (support@newrow.com or 212-354-5888, option 2)

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