+ poll results


Besides the real-time results, within a class or meeting, you can obtain a record from the Quick polls results.


_Where to Start


+ From Learn

For Learn, you need to be in the classroom for the corresponding Quick poll results you want to view. 


 Then you can click on the QUICK POLLS link at the top left of a classroom. 


+ From Live

For Live, if you are in a meeting room, you first need to navigate one level up.


From inside a meeting room, first click on BACK.




This navigates you to the first page you see when you log into your account. 

Then click on QUICK POLLS. 




You will see a new page where you can look at each Quick poll and a dropdown for dates and times.


For both Learn and Live, after clicking on QUICK POLLS, you will see the Quick polls questions at the left and the results for the Quick poll you have selected at the right. 



At the upper right side, you can select the date and time for the Quick polls results you want to see.



Then you can click on Export to Excel to export your results.


 And then you can see your results in an Excel file that you could save.



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