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The Control Room's Layer tab has four different layer types (Quick polls, External file, Text overlay and Timer) that you can place "on air" with a button click. All layers will appear on top of other stage items, such as video feeds or content. 

_Getting Started

You can find the layers tab by clicking on the Tools menu, selecting Control Room



and then clicking on the Layers tab.



Once you have selected the Layers tab you can click on ADD NEW LAYER and then select a layer option.


_Placing Onstage


Once you have created and saved your layer, by clicking on Apply, it's ready for your meeting participants to see it onstage. 

To place a layer onstage, click the ON AIR button, for the layer you want visible, and it will change color from gray to red. To remove a layer from the stage, click ON AIR again for the layer you have placed onstage, and it will change color from red to gray.

Note: You can position layers with X and Y coordinates after clicking on Edit. Additionally, the right most layer would be placed at the top, and you can click and drag layers in the Control Room's layer tab to change the stack order.

_More on Layers

You can find more articles, on working with each layer type, by submitting "layers" in the support section search.


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