+ allowing your meeting and webcam to load

Depending upon your operating system and browser, there are three possible places listed below where you may have to allow the Flash plugin to run in your a newrow_ meeting.

1. Connecting -- Constantly Loading

For some browsers and operating systems, such as Mac Chrome, you may find that you need to grant permission to the Flash plugin before the meeting loads. Otherwise, you will be stuck at the "Connecting" stage. 


If this is a requirement for your browser, you may see the puzzle icon in the center of the page.

You should also find the puzzle icon at the upper right, in your address bar. Click there to open a permissions box, where you can grant permission to run the Flash plugin.


2. Webcam Allow pop-up

The camera activation button is located at the top left of the meeting page.

Once you click on the camera icon, the popup to allow the Adobe Flash Player appears. Once you click on Allow, the diagonal slash from the camera icon disappears and a place to tweak your webcam or audio appears.


   -From the Allow Pop-up 

After clicking on the webcam activation icon, you can, resize your browser window slightly by clicking the Ctrl (on PCs) Command (on Macs) and "-symbol. Resizing to a smaller size normally makes it easier to click on the "Allow" button or "+" to make the page larger.

Or you could hold the shift key on a PC or the option (alt) key on a Mac and then press on the tab key (on both) to toggle among the pop-up choices until Allow is highlighted in yellow, then press Enter on a PC or Return on a Mac to select Allow.


   -Set to always allow

As an alternative, you can change your Flash settings to automatically Allow from our site.

From a PC (such as Windows 7), open Control Panel, then type “Flash” (without quotes) in the search. On a Macintosh, click on System preferences from the Apple menu. For both, click on the Flash Player icon (double-click for Macintosh). Then have the Camera and Mic tab selected. Then click on Camera and Microphone Settings by Site… Find apps.newrow.com in the list, click on to select it and then change the dropdown to Allow. Click on OK for PCs or Close for Macintoshes. 

Then restart your browser and come back to the newrow_ meeting. This time your webcam will activate without a requirement that you click on Allow.


3. Additional Webcam Allow

In addition to the Allow pop-up from the Adobe Flash Player, Chrome may show an Allow button below the address bar, above the meeting area. when you first go to a newrow_ meeting, you will have to click on this second allow button for your camera to activate.


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