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newrow_ screen share allows you to share your whole computer screen or just a portion with meeting participants. The screen share application shares whatever is on your screen, unless you select the program screen share option — see below.

NOTE: You can't see your own screen share from your own machine, as this would create an infinite regress of nested screen sharing.

Instead, from your machine, you will see a black rectangle in the content area (indicating your sharing status), on the meeting stage. To see what you are sharing, you may want to have another computer in the same meeting as a guest. 


To initiate the installation, you must be a host, have moderator privileges or the custom right to run screen share:

  1. Select SCREEN SHARE from the Tools menu icon.
  2. On the stage, you will see the text, “To share your screen, please install the newrow_ Screen Sharing application. Start sharing now?” Select Yes.
  3. The text “Application Installing” appears on stage. You will be
    prompted by your browser to run the installation. Select Run.
  4. Begin installation by selecting INSTALL from the newrow_ pop-up.


Once the screenshare application finishes installing, or if it is already installed on a machine, The newrow_ Screen Share Application will open.

  1. Select Tools from the file menu.
  2. Choose the first option Screen Share.
  3. On the stage, you will see the text, “Your desktop is not being shared. Click ‘START SHARING’ to share your desktop.” Find the newrow_ Screen Share application at the top of your desktop.
  4. Select the drop down arrow to reveal share options: open applications, windows, other share modes:
    • Desktop shares your entire desktop.
    • Follow Mouse highlights the movement of your mouse
    • Region – enables you to define the window size, shape, and position that you want to share
    • Under the Region option, you will see a list of your open programs, that you could share directly. In the above screenshot, the first option in the available programs is newrow_ -Google Chrome. If you select one of the open program options, you can view the meeting while everyone else in your meeting will see the program you selected to share.
  5. Select  — sharing has initiated. You see the text “Your desktop is currently being shared. Click ‘PAUSE SHARING’ to stop sharing your desktop.” All other participants see the window you are sharing.

NOTE: Shared items must be visible on your computer screen and not blocked by other windows.

NOTE: Screen share is a content item in your meeting.


+ Region

After you have started the screen sharing:

  1. Select Region from the newrow_ Screen Share Application
    drop down.
  2. Your cursor turns to a "+".
  3. Click and drag the cursor, highlighting the area you want to share, then release.

Before you release your mouse, the region that will be shared is lighter while the areas to be excluded remain un-highlighted.

Once you release your mouse and the screen share is in progress, you will see a border designating the area you are sharing.


+ Pause

To pause sharing select 

NOTE: You can X screen share offstage to close it or, since screen share is content, you can swap it with another content item, stopping screen share.


_Changing Screen Share Settings

The newrow_ screen share application employs default settings: audio is muted, frame rate is set at 5 fps and bitrate is set at 500 kbps.

However, you can change these settings.


+ Sharing Computer Audio

An option to share computer audio is available on the PC version of the screen share application.

If you click on the muted speaker icon , it will change to an un-muted speaker icon. And you will be sharing audio from your computer.

With the screen share un-muted, you could share audio from a movie playing on your computer, for example.


NOTE: If you are going to use screen share to share your computer's audio, we recommend muting all the webcam feeds on stage, such as by clicking on MUTE ALL, to prevent feedback.



+ Changing Screen Share Frame Rate

  1. From screen share the controller, select the gear/sprocket icon.  
  2. Select the drop down arrow to the right of fps.
  3. Select a frame rate.

+ Changing Screen Share Bitrate

  1.  From screen share the controller, select the gear/sprocket icon.  
  2. Select the drop down arrow to the right of kbs.
  3. Select a bitrate.


NOTE: If you changed the frame rate or bitrate while sharing your screen, select
Pause to stop sharing then select Start for new sharing settings to take



NOTE: Select "Use default settings" to return sharing settings to the newrow_
default settings.



_Screen Share Annotations

The screen share application also includes an annotations tool.


To activate annotations, click on the pen icon at the top of the screen share controller.

Once activated, you can start marking up (annotating) the screen you are sharing.


You will find a floating toolbar with the same annotations items available for the document annotations tool. For further information on annotations, see + annotate files.


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