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f you or any of your guests have any technical difficulties, please first review the following recommendations.


_No Audio or Video

If a participant’s picture or audio is not coming through when they are on stage, after already activating the webcam, first ask them to try each of the input options on the video or audio drop-down menu.

The video and audio drop-down menus are located in the webcam settings popup window, top left, for each individual user.

Sometimes another program that uses a webcam or microphone input, such as Skype, holds onto the webcam and/or microphone and prevents that input from being recognized in the newrow_ meeting room. Make sure participants sign out of Skype and quit other programs that may be using a webcam or microphone.

TIP: When plugging in a new input (such as a microphone), refresh the newrow_ page to see the new input appear as an option on the drop-down menu.


_Distorted Audio or Video

If anyone’s picture or audio is coming through but the quality or smoothness is compromised, this is most likely a bandwidth issue.

Have them run an in-meeting speed test by hovering over the meter icon at the top (for participants) or bottom (for moderators) right of the stage area and clicking “Start.” If their upload speed is below 1.5 mbps, then it is lower than our recommended minimum and their feed may be choppy to other viewers. If their download speed is below 1.5 mbps, then other webcams may appear choppy to them.

The numbers from this test can be different from the numbers at speedtest.net, since the in-room test specifically measure the speed at which the participants are connected to newrow_ servers.



If an echo occurs, this is usually because of one of the following:

  • Someone on webcam has two instances of the newrow_ meeting open in the same physical room/space.
  • Someone on webcam has the speaker volume on their computer too high. Make sure everyone on webcam uses headphones as a best practice.
  • Someone has checked “Loopback” in the webcam and microphone control module. Loopback allows users to hear themselves for testing purposes.


_Other Possible Glitches

  • Cannot click the "Allow" button after activating webcam: Sometimes the "Allow" button that appears after a user clicks "start your webcam" does not respond. If this happens, have them press "tab" on their keyboard until "allow" is highlighted. Then press "enter."

*Note that this button is a Flash artifact. You can adjust your global Flash settings to "always allow" newrow.com and therefore bypass the "Allow" button: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager02.html 

  • If someone is joining from a corporate connection (especially on Internet Explorer), it is possible that there are corporate browser policies blocking video traffic. 
  • Many glitches can be resolved by refreshing the newrow_ webpage or changing browsers.


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