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Breakout Sessions are persistent collaborative rooms similar to the live class that provide a space for students to meet in work groups during or outside of class.

In breakout sessions, students can collaborate around files shared by the instructor as well as upload their own files. Students can record their breakout sessions as well as work on a collaborative whiteboard. Instructors can share files uploaded in breakout sessions with the class.

Instructors can utilize breakout sessions to divide the live class into smaller work groups to handle in-class tasks. 

To assign students to breakout sessions, instructors click on  in the course upper bar.

Instructors see a list of students currently unassigned to sessions as well as a scrollable list of available breakout sessions.


Assign students to breakout sessions using automatic assignment rules or manual assignment options.

Auto Assign

To automatically divide the class into work groups, click the auto assign option to on. When auto assign is on, all students in the course are automatically distributed into breakout sessions. 

Manually Assign

To manually assign students to breakout sessions, turn off the auto assign option by clicking .

The list of students shown in the following list are not currently assigned to a breakout session. 

Click on a student or use CTRL click (⌘ click Mac) or shift click to select multiple students. Drag the selected students to their breakout session.

When the session column turns turquoise drop the selected student/s to assign them to that breakout session.

When students are assigned to breakout sessions then they will be automatically forwarded there when the class is set to breakout mode and they will have access to that room outside of class.

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