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Accidentally deleted a chat post? Need a quick way to see what participants posted? Need a prospect's email*? Analytics captures everything. 

*If you set the login to require an email address, it's captured in the Analytics. 

Many of our clients depend on the newrow_ Analytics feature. The interaction among newrow_ meeting or classroom participants is available for you to save in a document.


_Where to Start 

You need to be in the classroom (Learn) or meeting room (Live) for the corresponding Analytics data you want to view. 




Then you can click on the ANALYTICS link at the top left of a classroom or meeting room. 


You will see a new page where you can access all that classroom's or meeting's Analytics.


_Time and Date Range

There is a time range tool/indicator at the top right of Analytics. The default is midnight of the current day for the end point and then seven days behind that point for the beginning.


You can click on the dropdown to open a calendar and time tool.


Then you can change the settings for the start point (time and date) and the end point (time and date).



The refresh button, at the top right, helps ensure the currently selected range is showing in Analytics.



The Summary section at the bottom provides a quick overview.



You can look at four major aspects of the Analytics data.





You can start with ENGAGEMENT, the leftmost tab. This tab is selected by default when you first open Analytics.



When you click on the left tab for ENGAGEMENT, you will see a list of participant activities.



You can click on the CHART tab, second from left, for charting options.



You can move your mouse over the chart for a pop-up with corresponding data.


By default, Attendees and Visits are selected for charting. You can check the items you want or uncheck the items you don't want charted and isolate the items you want to see.



You can click on the LIST tab, second from right, for a list of all the meeting participants.



For Learn, the list includes the Name and the times when they joined and left the classroom.


For Live, the list includes the names, email addresses (if they had to give one at the login), login type, the time they joined and the time they left the meeting.



You can click on the right most tab for CHAT HISTORY.

CHAT HISTORY includes the Time, Name, Email, Type (of post--question or chat) and the Message (the chat post itself).



_Exporting the Data

The ENGAGEMENT, LIST and CHAT HISTORY tabs have an export option. 

Clicking on the Export to Excel button starts a .csv file download.


If Excel is your default program for .csv files, it should automatically load and open after clicking on the downloaded file.





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