+ file sharing

You can share files for Live or Learn that your meeting participants or class students can access before, during or after your meeting or class.


Above your class or meeting room's stage and menus, at the upper left, you can open a files section.


_Share Files in Live


+From the host's view.

Click here to share files or view files already shared. Files are tied to that meeting only.


+From the guest's view. 

Click here to view shared files for the meeting.


_Share Files in Learn


+From the instructor's view. 

Click here to share files or viewed files already shared. Files are tied to that class only. Available files are those uploaded to that class only.


+From the student's view. 

Click here to view shared files for the class. 


_Share Files Section

For both Live and Learn, clicking on Share Files (Live) or Files (Learn), takes you to a section where you can select your files at left and click on Add to move the file(s) to the right to be available to meeting guests or class students.


Click on the check box for the file in the left column you want to share.





Then click on Add to move it to the right column. Then the file will be available to Live guests or Learn students for viewing, after they click on Shared Files (Live) or Files (Learn).




Host View - Right Column


Guest or Student view 



_Download Option

By default, your shared files are available only for viewing, not downloadable to your guests or students. However, you can choose to allow guests or students to download a file (or files).


 For each file, you can move the Download slider from "O" to "|"--once you do that, a guest or student will be able to download that file.


+Guest or Student View


++Not downloadable


View only -- no download option




The download arrows are grayed out. Guests or students can select files for viewing on the page.




Viewing and download options


By clicking on the Download arrow, in addition to guests or students being able to look at the files on the Shared Files or Files page, they can download it to their computers.



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