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The mobile app allows you to attend a newrow_ learn session from an iPad, Android tablet or mobile phone. The app is currently in beta.

Click here for instructions on how to enter an online class with the newrow_ mobile app.

Once you have installed the newrow_ Learn app, you can get started and come to class!




After you login to your account,     

you will see all the classes you are currently enrolled in. You can click on a class avatar to enter the classroom.



 The classroom has three major components: Stage, Top Row and Bottom Row.


The stage is at the center.

A top and bottom row of tools and options sandwich the stage.


_Top Row



+Webcam Activation Icon

At the top right corner is the webcam activation icon. After clicking on the webcam activation icon, you will see a pop-up in front of the stage with the options for the Front Camera (from your mobile device screen), Back Camera (from the back of your device), No Camera (that you could use to turn off your camera) or Cancel.


Once you click on Front Camera or Back Camera, your feed will load onstage. Others can join you and interact with you onstage.


+Cloud Icon (Content)

If you click on the cloud icon, you will see a list of any files you have in your account if you have uploaded from any Sessions to the corresponding class. 


Once you select a file, it fills the content section of the stage, alongside any webcam images onstage.



You can hover over the bottom left corner of an image that's placed onstage to click on and activate an annotations tool.



+Pencil Icon (Whiteboard)

You can click on the pencil icon to bring up the Whiteboard, that you and fellow meeting participants can then draw or write on together. You can click on the arrow to bring up the same markup tools from the annotations tool (above).



_Bottom Row

The bottom row highlights the current selection. In the above picture, the stage, with its webcam participants and content should be visible.


+Cap Icon


Clicking on the cap icon at the left, on the bottom row, takes you back out of class to the Course Directory, where you can select to enter into the classroom of any of the classes you are enrolled.



+Chat Icon

Clicking on the chat icon, just right of the stage icon, on the bottom row, takes you to the chat interface, where you can post your chat comments and see others.



Click on any of the top right icons to use use those corresponding stage tools and return to the stage view.


Or you can click on the bottom stage icon to return to the stage view.


 +Info Icon

The circled "i" at the bottom right takes you to a general information page.

You can also choose to logout from this page.

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