+ disabled microphones during video playback

You may have noticed a flashing message that displays once uploaded videos, recordings or YouTube videos are played in a live session such as seen below.

Microphones disabled during video playback.

Why are microphones disabled during video playback?

During video playback, audio playing from participants' speakers may get picked up by their microphone and loop back into the live session. This can cause audio issues such as echo and distortion.  This is unique to video playback as echo cancellation works primarily with streaming audio from participant microphones.

Can I speak over playing videos?

Some users require the ability to speak over videos that are playing back so we have added the option to enable microphones during playback. By default, microphones are automatically disabled during video playback.

To enable microphones during video playback:

  1. Within the live session, select 
  2. Select the Viewing Mode tab 
  3. Uncheck the checkbox corresponding to the text, Automatically disable participant microphones during video playback 
  4. Click anywhere outside of Meeting Settings to close settings options

*Note: To ensure a high quality audio experience while enabling microphones during video playback have participants use headphones.


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