+ join & start camera guide

There are three easy steps for getting into a room and activating your camera:

(1) Use Headphones / Headset:

Please make sure you use headphone or a headset to ensure the most optimal audio experience.

If an echo or loopback occurs, make certain that your speakers aren't enabled and you're using headphones or are note in the same room as participant with speakers enabled.

(2) Enter Room + Activate Camera

Once you enter the room, you will see the activation wizard, so that you can turn on your webcam to interact in the room:

Note: If you choose to skip this step, you can still use the public chat to interact with other participants.

Make certain that you choose the allow option on the Flash dialog pop-up:

Note: Chrome may show an Allow banner below the address bar.

(3) Change Video Camera or Audio

You can activate or change your webcam after skipping the wizard by clicking on the camera icon, top left of the meeting room.



Once open, you can select or change the webcam or microphone:


Warning: Make sure that all other programs that might use a camera are closed. Only one camera can be controlled by one program at a time.

You will see an empty list if it's controlled by an outside application (e.g., Skype):





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