+ add text overlays

Add additional title texts and titles to the stage by utilizing the text overlay layer.

Access the control room by clicking  then selecting .

Click .

_add text overlay layer

Text overlay layers are another way to customize the live session and create a more professional look and feel.

  1. Click 
  2. Select 
  3. Click 
  4. From the text overlay layer enter a file name and experiment with the different formatting options
    • Text of the layer is entered in . Format the text: Bold, italics, underline, color, font size, alignment.
    • Format the background of the text layer in . Format the background: opacity, type, color as well as size.
    • Apply effects when placing the layer on air in .
  5. To save your changes click 

When ready to place the layer on stage, click .

To remove the text overlay layer click  in the Control Room.

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