+ display timer or stopwatch

Add a timer or stopwatch layer to the stage to keep track of the time left for a class or seminar.

Access the Control Room by clicking  then selecting .

Once within the Control Room select .

To add a timer or stopwatch, click  then select .

_add timer

By default the layer is a timer layer so after adding it select the hrs (hours), min (minutes) and/or sec (seconds) input fields and enter in the desired time limit . You can also use  to adjust the timer. Once you have set the time, click . Once on air, you can drag and drop the timer to the appropriate position. 

When you want to start the timer click . You can pause the countdown by clicking . When paused you can either continue the time from the stopped time by clicking  or reset the time by clicking .

Close the timer layer by clicking  or  in the Control Room.

_add stopwatch

After adding the timer layer to the Control Room select the radio button next to stopwatch .

Click  to add it to the stage.


Once on air, you can reposition the stopwatch layer . 

When ready click . The stopwatch starts, to stop it select . When stopped, you can zero the stopwatch by clicking .

Close the stopwatch layer by clicking  or  in the Control Room.

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