+ firewire camera - Mac

newrow_ recognizes most FireWire cameras.

Make sure that the FireWire camera is powered on in camera mode (not VCR or Play mode). You should be in either Record or Stand-by. The camera must be powered on in order to be recognized by newrow_.

You do not need to have any media in the camera. Tapes or memory cards are not required.

Connect the Firewire/DV cable in the appropriate port. Most FireWire cameras use 4-pin FireWire. Older Macs have 6-pin FireWire ports. Newer Macs use FireWire 800. You will most likely need a 4-pin to 6-pin or 4-pin to FireWire 800 cable.

NOTE: Some new MacBooks do not have FireWire ports.

Once the FireWire device is plugged in, in Recording mode, and powered up, activate your camera within newrow_.

If, after selecting the camera from the meeting, the external FireWire device does not activate automatically, select "DV Video" from the camera dropdown arrow.

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