+ recording a meeting - editing the recording

A meeting host, moderator or those given specific permission can start a meeting recording.

To start a recording, click on Record after selecting the Tools menu icon. Select Standard or High Quality (HD, producing larger file sizes) and the recording time or the default one hour. Participants will be prompted that recording is starting. A red light and counter is visible throughout the recording duration.

You can stop the recording at any time (ahead of the running length set), by clicking on the red recording light at the upper right and then clicking on Stop and confirming. After the file processes (time dependent on the length of the recording), you can find the viewable file at the top of the content section will appear in the playlist.

You can click on the Video Editor link where you can trim the front or back of your recording. (If you are in a meeting room, click Back and then Video Editor.)

You can sort videos by name or date and at the right side and then select the video you want to trim.

The file will appear in the player. Select a start point and an end point to cut down unnecessary sections of the recording then Trim and Save. You can save the edited version as an .mov (the standard format for Quicktime) or .avi file.

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