+ meeting questions

Participants can ask questions in the Question tab within the Chat feature.

After a participant types and submits an alert appears to host and moderators that someone has a question they need to see. Regular participants can't see other people's questions. The host or a moderator can drag a question onto the Stage for everyone to see.

The host or moderators can delete all questions or chat posts at once by clicking on the garbage can icon. Or they can delete one at a time by clicking on the X at the upper right side of the Chat or Question post.

The Flagged column is available to the host and moderators to mark off comments or questions of interest. This is local to each person, so what one person flags is only visible to that person. A comment or question appears in this middle column once the host or moderator clicks on the flag at the lower left side of the comment or question avatar. Remember that if you refresh your browser or leave the meeting and come back, the flagged items will not be saved.



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