+ add users to a course

You can add users to a course from an individual user page or from within the course itself. When viewing the course, you can assign user roles within the course.

_from the course

  1. Select  to view your list of courses
  2. Select the course name from the course list. 
  3. From Available Users check the checkbox corresponding with the users that belong in the course.
  4. Click 
  5. Click 

_add all campus users to a course automatically

  1. In the add/edit course screen, select the checkbox . Notice that all users are now course users.
  2. Click 

All current and newly added users are added to the course automatically.

_from user page

  1. Select 
  2. Select the name of a user 
  3. From Available Courses check the checkbox corresponding with the course/s the selected user belongs in.
  4. Click 
  5. Click 
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