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A course is what students and instructors are assigned to. A course can include the live class, shared files for VOD, analytics, quick polls management and breakout sessions.

  1. Access the course list by clicking 
  2. Click 
  3. *Choose a license from 
  4. Fill in the course information:
    1. Course Name - Name of the course as it appears in your campus
    2. Course ID - A unique identifier of the course that assists in showing specific analytic data related to the course.
    3. Description - A brief summary description of the course.
  5. Choose your course tools. By default a course includes a live class, files and breakout sessions. If your course does not require a selected tool, then you can deselect a tool. 
    1. Live Class - The real-time, synchronous, video-conferencing environment. You can also select the stage aspect ratio.
    2. Files - Provides instructors the ability to share files for on-demand viewing and provides students the ability to view content on-demand.
    3. Playground - Course break-out sessions. Real-time, video-conferencing environments that DO NOT require an instructor to moderate them.
  6. Click 

You can create a course and assign users to a course without licensing the course. A course without a valid license is not accessible to your users.  If you do not have valid, available licenses, then please contact your sales representative or our sales department at sales@newrow.com or 212-354-5888 Option 1 (M-F, 9-5 EST). 

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