+ hosts, moderators and participants

The Host is the meeting's creator and has full control of the meeting and the meeting's settings. The host controls all content being displayed, how it is displayed, the video chatting layout, and the amount of control each participant has. The host is able to adjust the microphone levels of any participant. The host is can to delegate responsibility to other participants designating them as moderators. The host can also revoke moderator status.

A moderator has been designated by the host of a meeting to have the ability to control every aspect of the meeting. The only limitations of a moderator are that they are are unable to delete the meeting.

Participants are the meeting's consumers. By a meeting's default, they can submit posts to the meeting's Chat. They can activate their webcams, but a host or moderator decides whether to place them onstage.

Additionally, the host can designate custom rights to any participant.

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