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While conducting a meeting, you and all of your participants are in a synchronous (live) environment. Live is the default mode in your meeting, enabling every participant to collaborate around the same content.

There are two ways you could share the recording(s) in your meeting in an on-demand (asynchronous) mode.


First Way 

Click on the pencil icon, from your member page that lists your meetings, and select On Demand and Save.




Then click on your meeting avatar (icon) that is now listed as "ON DEMAND."


You can then select files to share (moving them from the left to the right column). Guests in your meeting will see a similar page with one column of files that you have selected to share.




Once you have moved a file to the shared column, you can find a slider set to “0.” You can click and slide it to the right to make it “1” and the file will also be available with a download option.


Finally, when participants come to the meeting link, they will come to a page with the recording(s) you shared.


Second Way

Or you can place your meeting in on-demand mode.

The recording should be at the top of the Content section, the top icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a folded corner. You can click on an item to make it populate the Playlist.


Everything you have single clicked on from your Content menu loads into your Playlist. A meeting room in On-Demand mode will cycle through the Playlist. You can click on Playlist in the lower left corner and remove any items that you don't want to play for meeting guests. 


Next, switch the meeting from "Live" to "VOD" from Viewing Mode in the meeting Settings, the icon that looks like gears, so that different people can come to the meeting and view content on their own time. You can also select options for how you want VOD to function, such as "Start in paused state."



Also, you should grant participants the right to Play Content from the General tab under the meeting settings. This will allow them to control pause and play of the meeting's content.

The meeting is now in VOD mode and people can come to the meeting and play content on the Playlist, in an a-synchronous mode—the meeting is an individual, not a shared, experience.

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