+ chat, ask questions and flag chat

Participants can participate in chat and submit questions to moderators. Moderators have added permissions to moderate the discussion.

When new messages have been submitted you will see red badge notifications that let you know how many unread messages have been submitted. 

Our goal is to maximize the size of the stage so that the content you are sharing is seen in the best possible way. To do this, some participants may see the chat as a floating item that can be hidden or moved throughout their browser window.

Click & drag  to move the chat or click  to hide the chat. You will see notifications if new chat is submitted. Click  to display the chat.



Select  to display Chat. From chat you can enter public chat messages for all participants to see or you can select  to post links to the event on Facebook or  to Tweet about the event to Twitter.

From , moderators can delete posted chat messages by clicking  or you can clear the entire conversation by clicking  then clicking yes to confirm.

To mark chat messages to show in the flagged chat click . Chat messages with  are shown in the filtered flagged chat list.

If moderated chat is enabled then chat messages are either set to automatically delete or to automatically post after the defined interval of time. If chat messages are set to automatically delete then select  above the chat message to post the chat or it will be deleted when time expires. If chat messages are set to automatically go live then select  above the chat message to delete the chat or it will be posted in the chat when time expires.

_flagged chat

Moderators have access to the flagged chat module. 

Select  to view the list of flagged chat. This is only available to moderators and chat moderators. Chat messages marked in chat with  are displayed in a filtered view. Deleting messages from flagged chat does not delete the message from the chat.


Select  to view submitted questions. Submitted questions can only be viewed by the moderator.

_add chat & analytics to the stage

To add a chat message or question to the stage, drag & drop the chat message to the stage. This action can only be done if you are a moderator or chat moderator.

_raise your hand

Click  to raise your hand and notify moderators that you have a question or comment. Click  to lower your hand.


All chat messages are kept on record in the moderator's chat history within analytics. Even chat messages that are deleted can be viewed there.


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