+ set permissions from the participant list

Moderators can set individual permissions per user in the participant list. To set global permissions see Meeting Settings > General Settings.

To change an individual participant's permissions, select  corresponding with the participant. 

By default, all participants have . Default refers to the global permissions set in Meeting Settings. 

To set the participant as a full moderator, select . A full moderator is able to do everything that the owner of the event can do.

Set custom permissions by selecting . From custom permissions, you can choose from 9 custom options. 

  • Chat moderator: A chat moderator has access to flagged chat  and questions . They can delete posted chat, flag favorite chat comments and when moderated chat is enabled they are responsible for approving or deleting chat messages.
  • Webcam moderator: A webcam moderator sees the participant list and is able work with participants' webcam controls. They can set participants as live, in the control room as well as access the control room.
  • Start/Stop recording: A participant that can start/stop recording is responsible for initiating recording.
  • Chat participant: By default all participants are chat participants. Uncheck this permission to block a participant from entering chat messages.
  • Screen share: Participant share their screen with the newrow_ screen share app.
  • Play content: Participant can play/pause videos and navigate presentations.
  • Share content: Participant can add content to the playlist from their newrow_ cloud (Files tab) or from the Web tab. 
  • Annotate files: When presentations, PDF's or other documents are added to the stage, the participant can initiate the annotations layer and annotate the files.
  • Whiteboard: Participant can draw on whiteboard.

To hide permissions, click .

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