+ viewing mode

newrow_ provides you the ability to have a synched, in-room experience. The content that you display is what all of your participants see. You can also choose to create a more VOD experience using the live room or the Shared Files tab. 

By default your meeting is set as . What you display is what all of your participants see.

If you choose  then each one of your participants can view a different file in the playlist without changing what others see.

VOD mode includes settings that you can configure such as Starting in paused state which means that when a participant enters the files will not automatically play. You can set playback in Sequence or Shuffle mode and you can set images to play for a preset time as well.

Webcams Buffer can create smoother streams for your webcam participants - especially those with low bandwidth connections. You can drag  left or right to set up to a 5 second buffer. IMPORTANT: Setting a buffer can cause an echo. If your meeting is streaming more than one webcam, then instruct your webcam participants to use headphones.

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