+ chat permissions

Access chat permissions by clicking  then .

_enable/disable chat

By default, participants are able to chat. If you do not want your participants to chat then select  corresponding with Display Chat to.

_social networks

Leverage your participant's 3rd party networks by enabling them to share links to your event through Facebook and/or Twitter .

The event URL is pre-populated with the direct link URL. If you have embedded your event then enter your own URL to accompany your participants' Facebook posts and Tweets. 

_enable/disable questions

Questions enables participants to ask questions directly to moderators. Participants do not see the questions of other participants.

If you want to disable questions then select  corresponding with Display Questions to.

_login to chat

Login to chat can only be enabled if the forced login banner is not in use. If you have a Forced Login banner, then login to chat is disabled.


In large events, some participants may spam the conversation. Prevent this by utilizing Throttling. Chat throttling prevents spam by enforcing a timed interval between chat submissions of a user. You can set an interval between 1 second to 2 minutes.

_moderated chat

Moderated Chat enables moderators to pre-screen chat messages before any participants see them. You have the option to either set Automatically Go Live which publishes messages you do not delete or to Automatically Delete which deletes all messages that you have not approved for publication. You can set the delayed publishing timer from 1 second to 2 minutes.

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