+ general settings

Access General Settings by clicking .

From general settings you can customize global participant permissions as well as set the aspect ratio of the stage.

_allow all participants to

Any boxes you check here will assign those permissions to all participants automatically. Individual participant permissions can be edited within the Participant List.

  • Activate Webcam & Mic: By default, this is checked, giving all participants the ability to activate their webcam & mic. (Remember, the instructor or moderator still has to put them on stage, after they activate their webcam/mic, before they will be visible and audible.)
  • Prompt Users: This shows all participants a prompt to "activate webcam" when they first enter the room. By default, this is checked.
  • Play content: Participants can play/pause videos and navigate presentations. They have access to the playlist.
  • Share content: Participants can add content to the playlist from their newrow_ cloud (Files tab) or from the Web tab. They have access to Files tab, Web tab, and the Playlist.
  • Annotate files: When presentations, PDF's or other documents are added to the stage, participants can initiate the annotations layer and annotate the files.
  • Draw on whiteboard: Enable participants to contribute to the collaborative whiteboard.
  • Screen share: Participants can access the Tools tab with the screen share option. They can share their screen.
  • View participants list: Participants can see a list of participants connected.

_stage aspect ratio

By default the stage aspect ratio is . Select  to change the stage to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

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