+ webcam & microphone controls

Activate your webcam to become a webcam participant. Activating your webcam for the first time also activates your microphone. Your computer's default webcam/microphone are selected.

Once you activate your webcam, the moderator can broadcast you on stage. If you are a moderator, then you place your self on stage by selecting 

NOTE: Activating your webcam does not mean you are visible to all participants. Activating your webcam means that your webcam & microphone are available to stream to all participants if the moderator adds you to the stage.

_activate your webcam/microphone

When you first enter the live environment your webcam & microphone are off . Select  to activate your webcam/mic. From the Adobe Flash prompt select .

If this is your first time connecting your webcam, then it may take a few moments to find your default webcam and microphone. Once connected you will see a preview of the selected webcam and microphone. Dismiss the menu by clicking  or anywhere outside of the devices menu.

_broadcast your webcam

Moderators can click  from the devices menu to stream their webcam/microphone to all participants.

_change your selected webcam/microphone

If you have multiple webcams or microphones connected to your computer, you may wish to use a different device than what was selected. To change your webcam, open the devices menu by clicking  and choose your webcam from . To change your selected microphone,  select the correct option from  in the microphone section of the devices menu.

_change your microphone volume

To increase or decrease your microphone output volume click  to display the devices menu. You will see your audio moving up and down as you speak . Click and drag  to increase or decrease your mic volume. Unless loopback is selected, you cannot hear yourself. If your mic is set correctly, then you should not have to slide the volume control all the way right or left.

_what is Loopback?

Loopback is a tool found in the microphone menu. It enables you to hear yourself to preview how you sound to others.


Make sure to deselect loopback when you are done testing your volume or you will cause an echo to occur.

_turn off your webcam/microphone

If you do not want to stream your webcam and microphone anymore, then click  and  and . When your webcam and mic are off, you cannot see a preview of the stream. When both the webcam and mic are off the upper bar icon displays as .

Moderators CANNOT change the on/off settings of participants' webcams or microphones. If you have turned your devices off, then moderators cannot turn them back on.

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