+ how to eliminate echo

If you are experiencing an echo it is the result of one of the following:

1. A meeting participant has his/her speakers turned on and is not using using an earpiece or headphones. This can cause the microphone to pick up the sound from the speakers, thus creating an echo. 

If this is the case, please ask the participant to use an earpiece or headphones and the echo will disappear. 

2. Two computers are broadcasting from the same room. This will cause both computers to pick up a sound and transmit it independently and separate of each other. 

If this is the case either separate the two computers or mute the microphone on one computer and share a mutual microphone. 

3. One of the participant's microphones is picking up the sound from his/her headphones. Some microphones are more sensitive or headphones louder than others, so that the microphone might pick up the sound that is going out- similar to scenario 1. 

Switch the problematic headphones with a different pair; change the position of the headphones so that the microphone rests farther away from the earpiece or lower the volume of the participant's microphone. 

Please also note: Participant audio will be heard in the Control Room; therefore, if you are the host or a moderator and have opened the Control Room, you will be hearing both the audio from those participants inside the Control Room, as well as the publicly broadcasted audio from Stage participants.

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