+ embedded player cut-off, overlaps, too small/large

If you have embedded your meeting into a blog/website and the embed player is cutoff or overlapping there may be an issue of size.

First, double check that the html code is correct. Click on the Copy button for the embed code from your newrow_ meeting under Settings->Embed. Second, paste the code back into your site. If the problem persists you will need to adjust the size of your player.

If the width of the content area you're trying to embed into is less than the width of the player that you selected (960px for the larger player and 500px for the two smaller players) then you may need to re-size it in your site's html editor.

If your website does not have a visual html editor, or you prefer to edit the code manually, the instructions for resizing are as follows.

1. Determine the exact size (width and height in pixels) that you want the embed player to be. Remember to keep the aspect ratio. You may want to use an online Aspect Ratio Calculator like the one here:http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/aspect_ratio/

2. Once you have calculated the desired width and height of your embed player, you will need to edit two places in the html code. Remember to change only the numbers (leave the quotation marks)
-The first piece of code is located in the beginning and looks like this
-The remaining code has the meeting URL and layout number.

3. Save your changes and preview the new size in your browser. You may need to keep adjusting achieve the right fit.

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