+ edit uploaded video

After you successfully upload or record a video file to newrow_, you may wish to edit the video. 

Go to your newrow_ home page, the page you see when you first log into your account, and select Video Editor. 

First you must select the video file you wish to edit to the right of the Video Viewer. Once you do so, the video file will appear in the the Video Editor. 

Select the start and end points of your clip illustrated in the timeline as two red bars, cutting out any unnecessary information. 

Press the play button to preview the trimmed file. 

If you are happy with your edits, select Trim. Enter the title and description of the video. Select the file type: mov or avi. Then Save. 

The edited file will process on the newrow_ servers. You will be able to access this file from the Content or Video Editor pages.

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