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The Control Room is a virtual production center – only the host and moderators have access. The Video tab, within the Control Room, is a separate window from the synchronous environment of the meeting–regular participants, who are not the host or a moderator, can't see it.

Click on Control Room, located in the top bar, to open. In the window you can find the Video tab.

Control Room enables you to have professional broadcasting control with the click of your mouse. In the Video section of the Control Room, the host and moderators can prepare participants in the separate window before adding them into the live environment, the Stage. 

Here you can check participants' audio/visual devices, adjust participants' microphone levels, prepare participants for the live environment (the Stage), as well as remove participants from the Stage. 

NOTE: In order to view participants within the Video tab, you must first add participants to the Control Room or to the Stage. If there are no participants in either, you will see an empty Control Room. To add participants to either the Control Room, click on the CR button for a participant at the right. Click on Live to place a participant onstage.

Under the Themes tab of the Control Room, you can activate the newrow_ layouts. Once activated, these layouts will automatically organize your content and video streams, and readjust with each new window that you add. 

To activate a theme, open the control room, select Themes and click on a layout option (to the right of NONE).

If you are switching themes while participants are onstage, it's a best practice to take them offstage (by X'ing out their feeds), switch the theme and then place them back onstage.

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