+ Trouble with Flash allow button

Are you unable to click on the "Allow" button, from the Flash pop-up window when trying to activate your camera in newrow_? This requires a simple and easy solution.


Allow Pop-up


If nothing happens when you click "Allow," you can press the tab key on your keyboard to toggle through fields in the pop-up window until "Allow" is highlighted in yellow, then press Enter on a PC or Return on a Mac.


Set to always allow

As an alternative, you can change your Flash settings to automatically Allow newrow.com. 

Find your Global Flash Settings here: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager06.html

OR follow these instructions to find your Flash settings on your computer:

From a PC (such as Windows 7), open Control Panel, then type “Flash” (without quotes) in the search. On a Macintosh, click on System preferences from the Apple menu. For both, click on the Flash Player icon (double-click for Macintosh). Then have the Camera and Mic tab selected. Then click on Camera and Microphone Settings by Site.



Find apps.newrow.com in the list, click on to select it and then change the dropdown to Allow. Click on OK for PCs or Close for Macs.


Then restart your browser and come back to the newrow_ meeting. This time your webcam will activate without a requirement that you click on Allow.


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