+ join a LIVE event

Invited to join a newrow_ LIVE event?

This guide walks you through the steps to join a newrow_ LIVE event.

Click on or enter the newrow_ LIVE event URL e.g. www.newrow.com/show/www-000

Before entering the event, the moderator may require you to identify yourself.

Join as a guest

  1. Select the name field
  2. Enter your name as you would like it displayed in the event
  3. If required, enter your email address
  4. Click 

Now that you have joined the event, you can activate your webcam.

*Don't have a webcam? Then click .

Activate your webcam/microphone

  1. Click 
  2. Click  from the Adobe Flash permissions dialogue 
    • newrow_ then identifies your available webcams/microphones and selects your default device. This may take a few moments.

To change the selected webcam or microphone, click the drop down menus under Select a webcam and/or Select a microphone.

Turning on your webcam/microphone does not mean that everyone in the event can see or hear you. It is up to the moderator to add you to the stage.

Close the devices menu, by clicking .

To chat with event participants, click Chat .



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