+ add an external file layer to the stage

Add external file layers to the stage for further customization.

Access the Control Room by clicking  then selecting .

Click .

_upload a external file layer

External file layers can be images and SWF's.

  1. Click 
  2. Select 
  3. Click 
  4. Click 
  5. Adjust the position and size: 
    • You can also do this after putting the layer on stage to visually see your adjustments live.
    • X,Y - 0,0 is to the left corner of the stage
    • Enter the X position
    • Enter the Y position
    • Adjust the size
  6. Click 

_display external file layer on stage

To display the edited layer on stage, click . If the layer is not in the position and is not the size that you need, then click  corresponding to the layer on stage in the Control Room then adjust the X & Y positions and size. Changes are applied as you make them.

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