+ create & publish a quick poll

Quick poll layers can be placed on air to engage participants.

Access the Control Room by clicking  then selecting .

Select .

_create a quick poll layer

Create a quick poll layer on the fly.

  1. Click 
  2. Select quick polls 
  3. Click 
    • Enter a poll name, description, question and fill in answers.
    • Click  to add additional answer options. *up to 8 answers
  4. Click 

_use existing poll

Add a poll created in  tab or a poll you previously created.

  1. Click 
  2. Select quick polls 
  3. Click 
  4. Click 
  5. Select a poll 
  6. Click 

_place a poll on air

Once we have created or selected a quick poll. Place the poll on air to enable participants to submit their answers.

Click .

The poll is then placed on air and participants are able to answer the question. 

  • Poll on air 
  • Moderator quick poll view. Results display as they are received.

Stop polling your participants by clicking . The layer is still on air, but the poll is closed. To remove the layer click  on the poll or select  corresponding to the poll in the Control Room.

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